It is widely known that increasing openness and transparency creates best successful systems in future. GoodReason answers to this challenge by helping to study: ”What are the systems of society like? How could we make them more open, more understandable?”

Every citizen wants to open: science, politics, problems of interactions, secrets of marketing… Systems thinking makes them transparent!

Values: universality, connectivity and humanity

  • The word Universal means that some principle applies everywhere to all cases. The secret weapon of GoodReason is the concept of system.
  • Connectivity means in a measure for resilience of a network.
  • Humanity means the quality of being humane; benevolence.

Furthermore, connectivism is a learning theory of the digital age to support openness and connectivity.

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Metayliopisto is an open forum to continually develop GoodReason (Fig 1).

Fig 1: Metayliopisto with the three values.



”.. the notion of ‘system’ has achieved in a relatively short space of time unparalleled ubiquity. ’System’ is a notion to stimulate thinking. ”