Summary in English

Systems thinking (ST) is the process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole (Wiki).

GoodReason is a technology, which uses a cognitive architecture of system as the principal means for ST. GoodReason extends Soft System Methodology (SSM, Checkland) with a richer interface, which allows modeling soft, hard, semihard and semisoft systems. It contains certain ways to explain any system in any context as a drawing (smart object) and matrix together with its environment.

GoodReason is data driven, not process driven like most technologies and methods. Systems can be implemented and described in many commercial tools, like MS Office.

GoodReason supports both rational and visual thinking and conceptualization as systems, as well as understanding outsights, the future from the pragmatic point of view.

Some comments about Einstein considering systems at Worlds of Systems.. the notion of ‘system’ has achieved in a relatively short space of time unparalleled ubiquity.  ’System’ is a notion to stimulate thinking. ”