Meta share: Whole System Change

Whole System Change

Whole System Change is a commercial process for cultural and value leadership (Barrett Value Centre).

Fig 1: Whole System Change is built based on Wilber’s Integral theory.

Metayliopisto’s  Whole System Change

We define the three main meta concepts as follows:

  • (META-VISION) fosters a dynamic and influential community around a shared vision and strategic research agenda
  • (META-SHARE)  creates an open distributed facility for the sharing and exchange of resources.
  • META-RESEARCH builds bridges to relevant neighbouring technology fields.

Fig 2 is an extension to Fig 1. Some use cases are implementing any radical innovation or change of paradigm.

Fig 2: The process of Whole System Change to be modified for future paradigms.

Noduction means a large network to use the product(ion), which has been created starting from an introduction.