Meta vision: Unified Theory


Recommendations for Science II from ISSS as Systems Praxis

The ISSS community has defined principles of Science II (Fig 1).

Fig 2: Proposal for Science II,  adapted from to the ISSS community.

An essential topic here is to find what does holism and atomism mean in a long run, and how they can be used to define interdiscipinarity.

META Vision for creating a unified theory for systems and Science and Society

Practical challenges are:

  • introduce systems thinking as a philosophy for people as well as cybernetics
  • describe science as a continuum of knowledge and information
  • integrate professions for a theory of service design
  • develop technologies for information and automatic knowledge handling, including AI
  • make society open (transparent) to enable better democracy (remove distortions from society to learn better common rules)
  • promote best change management policies, which support better life style for the whole mankind
  • create interdisciplinary methodology teaching and learning
  • demonstrate systems journalism as a flexible way for deep understanding
  • suggest crowdsourcing as a method for future work to solve wicked problems throughout the world

Fig 2: Future challenges: the Meta world.

Demos: Metayliopisto has shown in more than 100 demonstrations (videos) that the research approach, its meta vision is relevant to be used in education, science and practical life.